Access in Real Time and Simultaneously with other auction platforms ...

How it works?

Using API technology Manheim accesses Carnext Auctions, replicating your Stock. Auctions are created and maintained by LeasePlan, providing access to the stock, images, documentation and the vehicle inspection reports. All data and details are replicated in real time in Manheim Auctions.

The bid values ??are automatically updated and synchronized across platforms, thereby reflecting the values ??of the highest bids at all times. This means that whenever someone enters a bid on a car the same is replicated "real-time" on all platforms, updating your new maximum reach.

At the end of the auction the highest bid ??above the reserve value automatically wins the car, and if less than the reserve are provisional, such as in traditional auctions.

The billing process and paying for the car and buyer fee is due and must be paid with Manheim, as described in the General Conditions Manheim. Upon receipt will be given to lifting authorization / transport (s) of vehicle (s) that are not parked in Manheim.



  • Access to Stock from Manheim's partners
  • Bid online and in real time - allowing you to decide more quickly
  • All vehicles on one platform
  • Simple, effective and fast
  • Possibility of Proxy bids
  • Detailed information of the vehicle